The Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association (PEIFA) was originally formed in the early 1950’s to discuss the effects of a proposed trap limit. While holding community meetings across the Island, fishers soon realized the need for a representative group to express their concerns to various government departments on a host of industry issues. They also recognized the benefit of an organization through which they could communicate between themselves, their communities and with other harvester organizations. The primary objective of the association was to approach governments with one, united voice.

There are six member Locals of the Association. Each organization represents fishers in specific geographical areas of the Province on behalf of the PEIFA. The six Locals are:

  • Central Northumberland Strait Fishermen's Association (CNSFA)
  • Eastern Kings Fishermen's Association (EKFA) 
  • North Shore Fishermen's Association (NSFA)
  • Prince County Fishermen's Association (PCFA) 
  • Southern Kings and Queens Fishermen's Association (SKQFA) 
  • Western Gulf Fishermen's Association (WGFA) 

The PEI lobster fishery is a traditional fishery that dates back generations. Island lobster fishers work to maintain and grow our industry, while protecting the environment. Sustainability initiatives such as the release of female lobsters bearing eggs, the use of eco-friendly gear, the implementation of quality programs and the collection of research data all ensure we will have a  fishery for generations to come.

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